Electronic Policy Libraries

We have devised allocation methodologies to assess clients' exposures. Whether it's determined the settlement potential of a complex claim, implement and monitor agreements for post-claims processing, we have devised allocation methodologies to assess a client’s exposure. The Worldwide Insurance Navigator™ (WIN) can organize and manage volumes of claims details including:

  • electronic policy copy retrieval;
  • defense costs;
  • indemnity payments;
  • carrier allocations or distributions;
  • accounts payable systems integration, and;
  • erosion of limits, layers and years.

The WIN system is customizable and affords easy access to detailed information about the terms and conditions of insurance policies, claims activities and other supporting documents. A dedicated internet connection provides 24/7, global access to historical and current claims information, and report generating capabilities.

  • the capacity to securely store and classify a company’s complete insurance program in a text searchable format;
  • the ability to quickly identify issues pertaining to geographical and jurisdictional exposures, and;
  • worldwide access.