Gordon McKay


Gordon McKay has over 35 years experience in the insurance industry in both the United States and London, and is well-versed in all aspects of claims handling. In London, he was a leader in the long tail claims handling on behalf of Eagle Star/Zurich and formed the Special Risks Unit (SRU) within the London market operation. Given the SRU's success in dealing with the long tail /mass tort problems, Gordon formed, at the request of the Eagle Star CEO, a team to manage all the run-off areas. He was a leading member of various London market claims groups including the Environmental Claims Group (ECG), Environmental Reinsurance Group (ECRG), Asbestos Claims Committee (ACG), Asbestos Reserving Committee, founder and management committee member of the Company Market Claims Group (CMCG). Since relocating to Chicago, Gordon has worked with various insurers and reinsurers facilitating collections and inspections. He earned his degree from St. Andrews University in Scotland.