Case Management Practice

Arcina Risk Group’s case management practice covers all aspects of litigation support from the start of a case through trial and beyond. Established in 1997 as the Deutermann Group, Inc., the practice successfully handled numerous cases for many of the country’s top law firms. In 2009, Deutermann Group partnered with Arcina Risk Group to combine technologies and industry expertise to offer a comprehensive and integrated suite of claims advocacy and case management services and solutions for companies, their legal counsel, municipalities and non-profits.

State-of-the art equipment and technologies together with 24/7 responsiveness ensure clients best interests as well as their budgets are at the forefront with their litigation support needs. We have experience with all major litigation support database software programs including Concordance, Summation, JFS Litigator’s Notebook and Access.


Nearly all the litigation support services today have moved to electronic and digital formats for easier access to data. Arcina Risk Group has the capability to offer customized, value based solutions that can speed data management and retrieval.

Traditional Reprographics Services – one-stop source for complete copy and print services

Database Design, Implementation & Analysis – customized database development to meet company objectives

Scanning – document capture via multiple media options

Coding – enables documents to be searchable, sortable and printable though multiple data management software programs

Optical Character Recognition (OCRING) – electronic conversion of images to text that enhances coding

E-Discovery – converting electronic files to a database platform; access to native and TIFF files that enables viewing, endorsing, coding and printing

Data Harvesting – forensic imaging of hard drives and servers; data selection and analysis of servers and legacy systems

Web Hosting – electronic storage of data and images via a highly secure environment provides 24/7 global access to companies and their legal counsel for searching, editing and printing

Endorsing – adding customized numbers or text on images for easy identification of documents i.e. ABC 0001 or For Attorney’s Eyes Only

Deposition Preparation & Production – collection and compilation of data into deliverable exhibit binders

Traditional Reprographics Services – one-stop source for complete copy and print services

  • Litigation copying
  • Bates labeling
  • Court filings
  • Mail-outs
  • Trail exhibition boards
  • Trial preparation
  • Onsite copying
  • Microfilming
  • Digital output printing
  • Transparencies
  • Bindery services

Virtual Repository – efficient access to all data for comprehensive searching and collaborative transcript management

In-house Repository – onsite storage and maintenance of all documents as well as war room capabilities for trial purposes