Arcina – pronounced Ar-sin-a – was formed as a hybrid of functions that make up the core of what we do…to help clients uncover, recover and preserve their assets.

Established in 2009 amid the financial crisis, Arcina has grown to be a leader in helping companies skillfully uncover historic insurance policies, facilitate maximum recovery and preserve assets in order to keep their core business, financials and reputations intact. Aggressive advocacy on behalf of clients facing complex claims and litigation has led to billions of dollars of historical insurance assets being located and recovered.

Arcina’s team of insurance and legal professionals, who possess decades of global experience, deliver comprehensive and integrated services and solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, law firms, non-profits and public entities.

Long standing insurance market relationships and legal knowledge result in high success rates of located historic policies, thorough and aggressive claims management and often the avoidance of protracted litigation and trial.

We are nimble, focused and deliver results. Advocating for your bottom line is a cornerstone of our core values.

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Insurance Market Clout
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Efficient Delivery
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