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Noteworthy News | Q4 2021 

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Arcina Risk Group’s quarterly newsletter. Arcina – pronounced Ar-sin-a – was formed as a hybrid of functions that make up the core of what we do…to help clients uncover, recover and preserve their insurance assets. archaeology + insurance + advocacy  Each quarter, we will share our latest findings pertaining to the impact […]

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colored boxes with four different icons representing the four categories of mass tort claims: medical device injuries, harmful effects of pharmaceuticals, toxic exposure and product liability

7 Stops on the Road to Mass Tort Claims Asset Recovery

The road to asset recovery in a mass tort claim can be full of twists and turns, bumps and potholes—especially if you don’t have a roadmap! Check out this infographic that shows you the 7 stops on the way to mass tort claims asset recovery.

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The Power of Two: Insurance Archaeology + Claims Management

Read about three real-world instances about the power of leveraging both insurance archaeology and effective claims management.

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Thumbnail of exclamation point with "4 Biggest Claims Mistakes"

Confessions of a Mass Tort Claims Administrator: The 4 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Witnessed

As a Complex Claims Consultant with Arcina Risk Group and nearly 40 years of claims experience, Maria Magalona shares the 4 biggest claims mistakes she has seen.

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Thumbnail of shovel digging in dirt to represent excavating

Excavating Proof: How Insurance Archaeology Plays an Important Role in Mass Tort Claims Success

Learn how to leverage the expertise of insurance archeologists to help you unlock assets cost-effectively and obtain maximum reimbursement.

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Walking into the abyss while using smartphone.

6 Pitfalls of Mass Tort Claims Management – and How to Avoid Them

Mass tort cases are complex and can drag on for years. With complexity comes pitfalls—here’s our take on the top 6 and how to avoid them.

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Perfecting the Claim, Part 2: The Arcina Advantage

Learn about the process behind Arcina’s pursuit of perfecting the claim by taking a closer look at the our approach to mass tort claims management

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The 5 Steps of Mass Tort Claims Management

Perfecting the claims management process when it comes to mass tort and other complex claims, starts with the mastery of a five-step process.

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Puzzle piece completing a puzzle like Arcina completes the puzzles of claims for their clients

Who is Arcina Risk Group?

Arcina Risk Group is a leader in helping companies skillfully uncover historic insurance policies and facilitate maximum recovery for current claims.

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