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Noteworthy News | Q4 2021 

Noteworthy News | Q4 2021 

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Arcina Risk Group’s quarterly newsletter.

Arcina – pronounced Ar-sin-a – was formed as a hybrid of functions that make up the core of what we do…to help clients uncover, recover and preserve their insurance assets.

archaeology + insurance + advocacy 

Each quarter, we will share our latest findings pertaining to the impact of insurance archaeology for legacy mass tort and related claims management. In this quarter’s edition:

  • Arcina website refresh and new new blog
  • Eureka! – a success story
  • Founder, Richard Janisch scales a mountain
  • Insurance Archaeology Contributes to Mass Tort Claims Success


Website Re-Vamp, New Blog

Our team is busier than ever helping organizations and their defense counsel locate historic insurance to address sexual misconduct, environmental contamination, PFAS, asbestos, talc, opioid and sports concussion lawsuits to name a few.

Recently, we took some time to give our website a fresh new look and feel…and we added a blog so you can learning about some of the industry insights we are uncovering. Please take a look for yourself.


Eureka (Greek heurēreka) – I have found!

A Church was named a defendant in a sexual misconduct lawsuit against its affiliated school from alleged abuse of a student in 1980. Church personnel claimed to have searched internal records and found nothing. Collaborating from afar during the pandemic, the Arcina team directed Church personnel to strategically search secondary sources and key historic records resulting in the location of a builders risk policy from 1982.

Further analysis identified notations on the policy and provided clues to locating the former insurance agent from the 1970s who placed the coverage for the Church. The long-retired agent who was in his 80s provided testimony which established a 30-year history of contiguous general and excess liability coverage. Arcina tendered the claim and produced evidence of coverage for 1980 resulting in the insurance carrier accepting the claims and picking up the defense fees for the cash-strapped Church.



Richard Janisch, Arcina’s principal and founder, achieved a personal goal in June by climbing California’s Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the continental U.S. Though the 11-mile trek ascending to an elevation of 14,508 feet spanned 16 hours roundtrip, finding a moment of solitude atop the peak was downright emotional and gratifying.

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Excavating Proof: How Insurance Archaeology Contributes to Mass Tort Claims Success 

Any organization faced with a mass tort claim should consider insurance archaeology as part of its defense strategy. It is a vital tactic in unlocking an asset in order to obtain insurance recovery and reimbursement. Learn more by reading the full blog post.

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