Our Process

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At the core of our business is process. It is what positions us to successfully uncover, recover and preserve our clients’ most precious assets. We offer a variety of services that are rooted in two primary processes—Insurance Archaeology and Claims Management. 

Both processes are nuanced and collaborative, separate yet connected. Not every insurance archaeology pursuit leads to a need for claims management and not every claims management project is in need of insurance archaeology. However, quite often they do overlap and intertwine. 

While the insurance archaeology process tends to be more linear and the claims management process more fluid, in the end, they both result in peace of mind and preserved assets.

Insurance Archaeology


Determine search dates, assess existing policy records and identify coverage gaps.


Conduct a policy search and retrieval process.


Verify historic policy coverage and advise on claim filing.

Claims Management


Identify triggering event and determine policy type and impacted years.


Connect the claim to the appropriate coverage and options.


Contact insurance department or personnel specializing in legacy claims.


Monitor responses from carriers about the coverage available for impacted years of the claim.


Actively engage with carrier to obtain participation and ultimately reimbursement.