Policy Library and Claims Data Solutions

Policy Library and Claims Information System Solutions

Storing and actively managing enormous amounts of claims and policy data within a centralized repository facilitates cost containment and maximizes recovery amounts. Digital policy libraries provide easy access to your legacy policies and offer permanent preservation. Bespoke claims management systems customized for the unique nature of exposures along with best practices of insurance holders enable the tracking of open claims and active engagement towards closure.

Arcina’s data platforms can be customized and maintained on your behalf or designed together with your IT department to ensure data security and enhanced work flow via the use of automation. Our systems consolidate and organize your policies and claims allowing greater insights into the performance of your policy and claims portfolios. Other features include:

  • Capacity to store a complete inventory of policies in a text searchable format
  • Dashboard design for ease of system navigation into the various claims fields
  • Corporate genealogy/chronology and historical records retention
  • Messaging application embedded within system for external communication
  • Access to real time reporting with pre-loaded templates
  • Loss reporting
  • Payment tracking and reporting
  • Diary and suspense features at the individual claim level
  • Real time, on demand policy and claim analytics based on custom KPIs