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Who is Arcina Risk Group?

Who is Arcina Risk Group?

Arcina Risk Group is a leader in helping companies skillfully uncover historic insurance policies and facilitate maximum recovery for current claims.

Established in 2009 amid the financial crisis, Arcina is composed of a team of seasoned and credentialed insurance and legal professionals with both in-depth vertical-industry knowledge and longstanding insurance market relationships. As such, we provide aggressive advocacy on behalf of clients facing complex claims and litigation.

Defense lawyers, general counsel, CFOs and risk managers rely on Arcina every day to ensure they are protected and receive the counsel necessary for proper recovery and reimbursement.


Insurance archaeology in focus 


Beginning with the first asbestos and environmental claims in the 1970s, to emerging claims such as sports concussions, sexual misconduct, talc and opioids, many mass tort and other complex claims involve events that occurred decades ago. To address this major obstacle to recovery and reimbursement, Arcina focuses on providing insurance archaeology services for its clients.

Robust insurance archeology serves as the foundation to client success. We research – in depth – to locate coverage dating back as far as the 1940s. Only a team with our institutional knowledge, skills and resources can locate all potential coverage in complex situations. In fact, our insurance archeology professionals draw upon decades of global experience and leverage their insurance market relationships to discover what others frequently miss. 

In every mass tort or class action engagement, Arcina conducts a comprehensive, disciplined search via multiple channels. When satisfied that all relevant historical insurance coverages have been discovered, Arcina constructs a multi-layered chart of the coverage history that provides clients with an overview and big picture look at the coverage available (see the coverage history chart image below). 

Graph that shows the insurance claim mapping process

The example above showcases the historical insurance assets which Arcina’s client owns. It clarifies the terms of each coverage policy, the limits, solvency status and past impairments. Such a cumulative snapshot of historical insurance coverage helps to quantify the asset and model the best course of action to recover any monies due to the insured.


Integrated services to complement insurance archeology


While insurance archeology is a critical starting point for legacy tort claims, Arcina provides additional services to optimize client outcomes. We rely on our deep insurance and legal knowledge to thoroughly and aggressively manage claims and to help clients avoid protracted litigation and trial. We do so by delivering a wide range of integrated services, including the following:


  • Claims advocacy & insurance recovery
  • Claims management & support
  • Insurance asset review
  • Policy library & claims data solutions
  • M&A due diligence
  • Insurer services and subrogation
  • Certification of insurance compliance


To serve each client’s unique needs, we strategically integrate services for an optimal solution to efficiently recover insurance assets and successfully manage traditional and emerging claims. 

Arcina often operates as an outsource partner to risk management or legal departments. We commonly track and administer mass tort claims, manage voluminous claimant and financial data, assess project exposures, negotiate disputes and effectively monitor reimbursements from insurers. Our refined claims management lifecycle ensures proper party engagement and an expedited process.


The industries we serve


The Arcina team has deep experience with all sizes of private and publicly-held organizations across a broad spectrum of industries. The table below shows the industries where clients have benefitted from Arcina’s insurance archeology and complex claims management services in recent years.


 Arcina industry expertise


  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Insurance
  • K-12 School Districts
  • Legal
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Public entity
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Religious
  • Sports/Entertainment
  • Technology/Telecom
  • Transportation


With keen insight into specific industry nuances and industry-specific risk profiles, we provide best practices for added value in each industry we serve. 


Impressive client results


Arcina has a proven overall success rate of 95 percent. Whether it meant researching historical policies back to the 1940s for asbestos claims or interpreting general liability (GL) policies for applicability to environmental contamination, Arcina delivers strong results.

  • Discovered over $100 million of insurance coverage for pending and future claims and arranged funding of a defense for a water company’s asbestos claims. The case settled at trial with multi-insurer participation for seven figures. 

  • Recovered historical policies and advocated for a large publicly-held real estate holding company to obtain defense costs of more than $300,000 for multi-million-dollar environmental exposures dating back to the 1940s.

  • Located more than $3 billion in historic policies dating back to 1975 to address sexual misconduct claims against a large public university and its medical center. The updated policy schedules, coverage charts and proper insurer contact information resulted in an efficient claims management process.

  • Located product liability and GL policies dating back to the 1950s for two automotive manufacturers with asbestos exposure claims. Successful negotiations of cost share agreements resulted in coverage of defense fees and indemnity payments of over $40 million.

  • Legacy claims introduce a new level of complexity for companies.

Entrust professionals who know the process and deliver results. Get to know the professionals at Arcina by setting up a free consult with one of our team members.